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Trademark Law

A brand conveys the identity of your business enterprise or your products. A strong brand soon becomes one of your most valuable assets. With the increase in the number of brands – around 1.5 million brands are already protected in Germany – it is, however, becoming increasingly difficult to develop a brand and to ensure that it is legally secure. Avoidable mistakes when it comes to this can have painful consequences and, in some cases, even jeopardise the existence of the brand. For this reason, it is worth obtaining legal advice at an early stage.

We will represent you in matters relating to brands both in court as well as out of court and we have many years of experience in countless court proceedings. Our trademark law clients particularly include fashion and lifestyle business enterprises. Our special expertise lies in combating product piracy, which is a field in which we operate with the most up-to-date investigative methods and tailor-made software.

We will help you to develop, register and defend your brand by means of:

  • Thorough trademark research (both nationally as well as internationally);
  • Analysis and advice with regard to choosing the right trademark classifications;
  • Advice on brand development (e.g. with regard to matters of internet law);
  • Completion and management of the Trademark registration procedure;
  • Ongoing monitoring of the registration of any colliding Trademarks;
  • Drafting of licencing contracts;
  • Co-ordination and handling of Customs border confiscation procedures (Germany and throughout the EU);
  • Representation in trademark law disputes and/or procedures involving Trademark Offices;
  • Actual procedural enforcement of your interests, possibly in provisional legal protection proceedings (interim injunction), by involving the criminal prosecution authorities or by filing protective letters.

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