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Media Law

Our expertise in the areas of music, film, television and entertainment law makes our firm a competent partner for artists, musicians, authors, scriptwriters, journalists, sound studios, managers, agencies, music, TV and film producers, publishing houses, advertising agencies and commercial and industrial enterprises.

The goal of our work is to implement your projects effectively and in a legally secure manner. We have a lot of national and international experience especially in the field of merchandising and the purchasing of licences, the formation of joint ventures or drafting of advertising and production agreements. Our range of services additionally comprises:

  • The drafting, negotiation and administration of all contracts that are typical for the industry;
  • Company set-ups;
  • Development and arrangement of financing models;
  • Consultancy on subsidy matters and processing;
  • Sponsorship;
  • Protection of personal rights (for instance in cases of untruthful media reporting);
  • Effective judicial enforcement of your interests, for instance in preliminary legal proceedings (interim injunction), by involving the criminal prosecuting authorities or by filing protective letters.

References: Upon request.