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IT Law / New Media Law

IT law is not a delimited legal sphere but instead combines numerous legal aspects under the subject heading of "Information Technology” - in both the online and offline fields.

The so-called "New Media Law" is applied in this area in particular, and even goes beyond this in some sub sectors.

We have supported our clients for years in the areas of research & development, service, and also sales and marketing. For this reason and due to our enthusiasm for constant change we have a profound knowledge and understanding of the constantly changing technologies and requirements.

For this reason we support you with all those questions arising from the following areas:

  • Internet (website contents and inspections; legal section; online shops; law of electronic commerce, e-Commerce; telesales law, advertising law, payment transactions, online marketing, product data marketing; drafting of provider agreements and terms and conditions of use),
  • Software (software development, software licensing and leasing; software maintenance and servicing; service level agreements; hosting; linking of hardware and software; freeware and shareware; license sales),
  • Intellectual property rights in the area of information technology (domain law; relationships with trademark law, and also in the advertising sector),
  • Data protection (information technology security; encryptions and signatures, vocationally specific features, processing of order data especially in relation to ASP),
  • Telecommunication (law of the telecommunication networks and services),
  • Public awarding of information technology services (including e-government) whilst observing European and German antitrust law), and
  • Major projects such as the implementation of complex IT outsourcing transactions.

With our indispensable sensitivity towards the legal relevance of these topics we are able to also apply legal standards that have frequently been around for some time to these fields and use them for you.

References: upon request.