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Copyright Law

Copyright law protects works of literature, science and art. It also covers films, logos, drawings, music and, in some cases, drafts of such works. Photographs and software also enjoy the protection of copyright law.

The author has the sole right to use his work in full. In particular, the author can decide whom he will allow to use his work (possibly in the form of a licence for which payment is to be made). However, copyright contracts conceal many traps. That is why we would be happy to advise you on the best way to enforce your rights against contract partners or when taking action to prosecute copyright law violations.

We will represent you in copyright matters both in court as well as out of court and we have many years of experience in countless court proceedings. For example, our expertise includes:

  • Drafting of licensing contracts;
  • Checking and drafting of publishing contracts;
  • Enforcement of rights to remuneration;
  • Representation in copyright disputes;
  • Actual procedural enforcement of your interests, possibly in provisional legal protection proceedings (interim injunction), by involving the criminal prosecution authorities or by filing protective letters.

References: On request.