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Insolvency Law / Restructuring

Christian Feketija is regularly appointed insolvency administrator or monitor by a large number of insolvency courts in the Rhine-Main area and offers many years of expertise in the fields of insolvency and restructuring.

In addition to our own insolvency administration mandates, we also advise German and foreign clients on issues relating to insolvency on both the creditor and the debtor side. We are generally tasked with

  • representing secured and unsecured creditors in all stages of insolvency proceedings;
  • ascertaining the implications of transactions in terms of insolvency law;
  • revealing any potential for contest by the insolvency administrator and averting the resulting dangers where necessary;
  • providing advice on the assessment of concepts/going-concern projections presented by companies threatened with insolvency;
  • advising on the allocation of bridging and restructuring loans in order to avoid possible liability risks;
  • representation in court proceedings (both on the side of the insolvency administrator and on the side of the creditor or director in the case of personal action against them);
  • purchasing a company from insolvency on the buyer’s side.

If a company that to be restructured seeks our advice at a sufficiently early stage in the crisis for there still to be some prospect of restructuring outside insolvency proceedings, we will put together a multidisciplinary team consisting of restructuring and insolvency specialists and cooperate with auditors, tax advisers and management consultants from partner law firms.


The practical experience of our firm in the provision of advice to companies in crisis at a time when restructuring either in or out of court is still a possibility helps in the development and realisation of concepts. We work on site with clients, allowing us to ensure operational assistance. Mandates are accepted regardless of the stage of crisis in which a company finds itself.


We can work together with our partner law firms in auditing and tax advice to offer the following services relating to restructuring:

  • initial examination (quick check) of the possibility and value of restructuring a company;
  • preparation of restructuring concepts/going-concern projections (also based on pertinent IDW standards);
  • support in the realisation of restructuring concepts;
  • implementation of risk monitoring systems;
  • establishment of individual corporate controlling.

References: On request.